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Life began from the water, and here at Al Mardia we believe that waters should be teeming with life still.







About Aquarium

Life began from the water, and here at Al Mardia we believe that waters should be teeming with life still. That’s why, in addition to our other products, we are also suppliers of top-quality fish food and shrimp food, that increase yields by directly increasing survival rates and food absorption capabilities of all commonly-raised species. As fish-food suppliers, our main concern is with the well-being of the fish and other aquatic creatures. As such, our products take advantage of its exclusively organic-source materials to more efficiently enhance the natural processes that take place in the bodies of fish and shrimp, by guaranteeing an increased digestibility and a consequent increase in the effectivity of their impact. Our aqua products help the livers of fish and shrimp perform better, help induce moulting and lend a hand to fish in maintaining osmoregulation, among other impactful benefits.


Our three main products, and all perform different and equally useful functions to improve the viability of your aquaculture system. is a supplement designed to maximize the efficiency of a normal feeding schedule by increasing the appetite and nutrient absorption capabilities of fish and shrimp (and prawns too), in addition to serving as an immunomodulator and improving the resistance of aquatic creatures to disease. is a special mix of proteins, vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants and herbal extracts that also improves the intake of fish feed and shrimp feed by extending the time it can retain its original properties after it’s been placed in the water. improves fish survival rates and the processes of osmoregulation and, particularly in shrimp and prawns, shell formation and moulting.


For aquaponic systems, these products also function as a liquid plant fertilizer; as an indirect all-purpose fertilizer for your plants that increases plant growth and yield organically. This turns our fish food products, albeit indirectly, into a useful all-purpose plant food for aquaponic growers and fish or shrimp producers.

Tropical Leaves


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